Thriving. Together.

Hurley Development Investor people having meeting

Founded in 2009, Hurley Development is a regional mid-market real estate development company that carefully evaluates specific market segments and communities for targeted projects. President Ryan Hurley has more than 21 years in the development space building, acquiring, entitling, renovating, and investing in the office, commercial, industrial, and residential segments. His strong work ethic, entrepreneurial mindset, and innate ability to quickly make complicated deals achievable has translated into incredible success.

Hurley has grown into a family of companies that complement its development efforts, including investment holding entities, construction, co-working, and property management. Our strong multi-disciplinary and experienced team is well positioned to facilitate significant growth in various commercial market segments.

Our philosophy

We are a nimble development company that works well under pressure, and we have excelled by partnering with sophisticated, agile investors who trust our process. Partnerships play a huge role in our success, and we’re always excited to see our investors flourish thanks to our projects. However, we carefully consider both our investment partners and every project we undertake.

Because we are active in a variety of markets, we want to ensure that the design and anticipated lifecycle of any project involving investor equity is a good fit for that partner. We take our role as a steward of any investment very seriously and value the trust our partners place in us.

Of note, investors must satisfy the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) definition of “accredited investor” and be able to provide an affidavit of accredited investor status.