The Arvon apartments and townhomes

The Arvon Apartments and Townhomes

174 apartment units + 11 townhomes

Featuring 9’ ceilings in bedrooms and living areas, quartz countertops, laminate vinyl plank flooring, shaker style cabinets, clubhouse with lounge, kitchen, fireplace, fitness center, and swimming pool.

Skyview Station | 13909 NE 10th Ave.

Skyview Station (currently under construction, scheduled to finish in 18 months)

Located off the new 139th Street freeway interchange at the merge of I-5 and I-205, the Skyview Station project includes acquisition, entitlement, and ground-up construction of a Class A retail center with anchor, restaurant, and retail shop spaces with drive-thrus.



New anchor, restaurant, and retail shop space with drive-thru opportunities.

Located off the new 139th Street freeway interchange at the merge of I-5 and I-205.

Across from Fred Meyer in a high-traffic retail area with surrounding residential.


Skyview Station, located in Salmon Creek, Washington, was a lightly-used industrial area that Hurley Development identified as an opportunity to create a retail center that would bring life to the growing community. 

The site presented challenges, including an access point from the NE 139th Street overpass, a drop in site elevations of over 20 feet, and a roundabout improvement instead of a signalized intersection at the main site entry. 

This project will result in a vibrant new commercial center for the local community and important improvements to the public roadway system.

Navalia Apartments | 1600 Washington St.

74 unit apartment complex made up of studios, loft studios, 1 and 2 bedrooms located in downtown Vancouver, 1600 Washington Street. The apartments will be constructed above and around an existing retail building.

HQ Vancouver

The HQ Master Plan area has been designed as an exciting, mixed-use community that implements the goals and policies of the Riverview Gateway Subarea Plan. The developer,  Hurley Development , is also pursuing a Smart City approach in collaboration with Healing LLC, a smart city consulting firm. 

The HQ development includes a mix of uses and amenities designed to create a complete, connected community.

Urban Center & Open Spaces 

The heart of the HQ Master Plan area is Main Street, a north-south retail street with generous sidewalks that encourage walking between the shops and spillover seating and displays from adjacent cafes and boutiques. Main Street is bisected by First Street, which provides visual and physical connection between the retail center and the visually stunning neighborhood park and bluffs to the west. 

The generous Main Street pedestrian corridors connect with a landscaped pedestrian promenade to the north. A public plaza is located at the terminus of Main Street and First Street, and provides a vibrant gathering space for the community, and a visual connection to the beautiful 6-acre neighborhood park to the west.

Residential Neighborhoods 

The multifamily residential area to the north of HQ Drive is punctuated by connected green spaces. A north-south landscaped pedestrian promenade connects HQ Drive to the multiuse trail to the north. This trail provides access to each of the buildings and connects to the separated bicycle and pedestrian facilities running east-west along HQ Drive. A dog park in the southwest corner provides a nearby place for residents to bring their pets. A buffer along the base of the high walls provides a dramatic backdrop for the residential community.

Employment Area 

The western and southern portion are dedicated to office and light industrial users and will provide employment for residents of the HQ development as well as the surrounding area. These areas are designed to maximize connected parking lots and access and to minimize impacts to the public realm.  

Though the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the office market remain to be seen, the key location of these employment areas near an interstate ramp and near a dense future population center are expected to appeal to a broad range of users. 

Hurley Development has retained ECONorthwest to complete an economic analysis study to support the economic impact the HQ development will have on our regional economy both from a private and fiscal standpoint.  The study highlights the significant direct, indirect and induced economic impacts of the project’s construction activity and the on-going operations of the businesses, jobs and labor income generated from the development.

A Smart City  

A distinguishing factor and added layer to the HQ Development is its smart technology design and approach. Learning from the successes of existing smart design projects like Lake Nona in Florida and Sterling Ranch in Colorado, HQ will build upon the designs and technological advancements to better enhance the quality of lives of residents and guests by connecting them digitally and physically with the HQ community. A fully integrated smart micro city leverages technologies to allow users to utilize services that will provide a sustainable, energy efficient, safe and secure place for people to live, work and play. HQ will be the first smart micro-City on the west coast and will put the City of Vancouver on the map as an innovation hub. 

Fully integrating the smart city concepts and technologies into the fabric of HQ not only allows the residents and guests to utilize services that will provide a better quality of life, but also provide a framework to achieve a more sustainable and safer environment for people to live, work and play. 

Key Project Features

Urban Retail Center

The urban center provides vibrant shopping and dining opportunities, as well as public space for community gathering.

Features include:

  • Civic Plaza
  • HQ Entrances
  • Retail and Dining Space
  • Walkable Pedestrian Corridors

Multi-Family Residential

The multi-family living community provides high quality residences with easy access to multi-use trails, pedestrian corridors, green space, and dramatic views. Residents with pets can also utilize the adjacent dog park at the southwest corner of the community.

Key features:

  • Multi-family residences
  • Green space and landscape features
  • Multi-use trail
  • Dog park access
  • Quick walk to the urban center and neighborhood park
  • Dramatic views of bluffs

Community Open Space and Pedestrian Corridors

The HQ community is connected through beautiful open spaces and pedestrian walkways. Parks, trails, and green spaces provide opportunities for exercise, activity, and recreation and create a walkable, pedestrian focused development.

Key Features

  • Neighborhood Park (6-acres)
  • Civic Plaza
  • Dog Park
  • Multi-use trail
  • Pedestrian promenade
  • Shared pedestrian/bike sidewalk along Brady Road
  • Connected green spaces

Office and Light Industrial Space

HQ provides many opportunities for employment on the south west part of the site. Building space and parking lots provide opportunities for business to develop at HQ, generating jobs and labor income.

Buffer Area

A steep bluff separates the HQ development from the adjacent neighborhoods to the north. Existing mature trees create a visual and sound barrier between the two communities. This buffer also provides a beautiful visual backdrop for HQ.