9th & Main | 812 Main St.

We are bringing life back to the corner of 9th and Main. By taking this building that needs help we are bringing life and energy back to the community. We plan to complete an interior and exterior renovation in the coming year to accomplish this goal.

Thai Orchid | 213 W 11th St.

This building was purchased by Thai Orchid in 2012. It was transformed into a beautiful Thai restaurant that has influenced the neighborhood in a positive way. This space was transformed with outdoor seating, intentional exterior and interior design to bring vibrancy to the community.

1012 Washington St.

This was a beautiful build out of a creative design company in the downtown Vancouver, Washington area. This space is multiple levels and with the use of wood, exposed brick and color we were able to make a bold statement throughout the space.

Local Impact

We took an outdated building and brought life to the space through this tenant improvement. The space is a filled with wood to emphasize the Pacific Northwest region while also having an industrial presents with exposed concrete floors and an exposed ceiling.